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Ian Shelley has recently joined Inca Geometric to promote our design and manufacture of bespoke fixtures for machine tools, specifically CNC machining centres. Ian has a wealth of experience in this field and would be keen to offer his assistance to provide solutions to machining simple or complex components

You can contact Ian by phone 07745524056 or email

Inca Geometric Ltd was founded in order to create strategic engineering solutions for the varying needs of today’s world. Below you’ll find a collection of recent stories and updates about our work and the industry in general. These are meant to keep you informed about all the news worth knowing. Read on to find out all the latest updates, news, and trends.


Fixture designed and made for valve manufacturer


Indexing Fixture machine spindle indexes by pushing either ram to index 90 degree clockwise or counterclockwise


Fixtures with 16 hydraulic clamping chucks

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